AUDIO (3:57) - Hispanic vote may be Trump's secret weapon next year

If President Donald Trump is going to win a second term in the White House, the group that makes it happen might very well be one that will surprise you.

That group is Hispanics. One poll has Trump's approval rating with Hispanics at 42%. Others have it in the 30's. Political analyst Robert Gonzalez explains why Hispanics actually like this President.

“They believe in God, family and country,” Gonzalez explained. “These are people who have a job and are trying to support their families.”

But to listen to the mainstream media, every Hispanic is against Trump. Maria Espinoza with The Remembrance Project tells KTRH it's just not true.

“The media pretends to speak for all Latinos. We are not for illegal immigration or lawlessness,” she stated.

The polling shows Trump may be on his way to matching or getting more than the 40% Hispanic support George W. Bush got when he won his second term in 2004.



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