Democrats pushing to lower voting age to sixteen

It happens every couple of years. There’s a push to lower the voting age, and once again, Democrats are behind it.

That's exactly what they want to do in Oregon. Lower the voting age to 16. Logan Churchwell with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which has sued Harris County over its voter roll information, says it's exactly what you'd expect from the left.

“They figured out if they tinkered with the rules of the election, they could yield specific outcomes when it comes to policy,” Churchwell explained.

And one of those policy issues is the minimum wage, which is how Democrats think they can get younger voters, even if they aren’t informed on all the issues.

“If you empower a sixteen year old to vote, it doesn’t matter how educated they are or what they think about other issues,” Churchwell stated.

We checked, and there's been no push by anyone in the legislature to lower the voting age here in Texas.


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