Human Remains Found At Cargo Crash Site

The investigation continues Sunday into what caused Amazon’s cargo Boeing 737 to nosedive into Trinity Bay near Anahuac in Chambers County at around 12:40 pm yesterday, killing all three on board.

One body has been recovered.

Recovery teams are on-site again but believe it will be days before a cause is clearly identified.

THE National Transportation Safety Administration says the flight was en route from Miami to Houston. A long trail of debris including clothing, toys and boxes are strewn throughout the shallow water.

Witnesses say as the plane was making an approach to land at Bush Intercontinental Airport when it descended into a steep nose-dive, nearby residents thinking the loud noise was caused by a storm or passing helicopters. It crashed on impact, leaving a wide swath of debris across the 2-4 foot shallow waters.

“Knowing what I saw, I don’t believe anyone could have survived it,” Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said at a Saturday press conference after surveying the crash site.

Dive teams will look for the plane’s black box today.

Divers Find Human Remains in Black Box


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