More stupid than crazy

It's an open question whether disgraced actor Jussie Smollett is crazy. A Texas analyst says he's probably just stupid.

Dallas author Dr. Richard Bandler says Smollett is innocent until proven guilty, but if he did it...

"My diagnosis is dumb actions produce dumb results."

Dr. Bandler says Smollett should have discussed his grand plan a little more before he put it into action

"Somebody who could have dissuaded him from thinking that this big picture in his head was a good idea and would get him the publicity and attention he was seeking."

Dr. Bandler says Smollett underestimated the investigative competence of the Chicago PD.

"He thought he had a good idea and as Warren Buffett is very famous for saying 'the reason investors lose money is because they think they have a good idea and they go about verifying it instead of verifying the facts.'"

Dr. Bandler says big city police detectives are trained to smell a rat when the facts don't quite add up.



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