John Wayne interview from 1971 sparks debate

An interview that actor John Wayne gave to Playboy Magazine in 1971 has social justice warriors up in arms. It also has many of you wondering if there’s a statute of limitations on things like this.

And that’s because that interview was nearly fifty years ago. Wayne died 40 years ago. Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator told KTRH this is not political correctness. It's worse.

“This sin of this generation is not political correctness. It’s self-righteousness. It’s thinking they are so much better and have the right to go back and judge everybody,” Mackenzie explained

And it's being forced upon us by people hanging out on social media looking to get their voices heard.

“This isn’t about John Wayne. This is about one side of the argument getting to say who can say anything, whether it’s today or fifty years ago,” Mackenzie said.

Which is also why you have more people deciding against running for public office, out of fear that something they did decades ago, no matter how innocuous it was, will come back to haunt them.


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