Immigration keeps changing the face of the country

Immigration, both legal and illegal, is changing the way the United States looks, and we now have something we haven’t had in over a hundred years.

The Census Bureau now says our foreign born population is at its highest level in a century. Breitbart's Bob Price says back then the attitude of the people coming here from Europe wanted to succeed and wanted to assimilate.

“They had no choice at that time. They had to work. It was work or starve, because there was no government assistance if you didn’t work,” Price explained.

Today's migrants coming from Latin America don't share that attitude.

“They don’t want to assimilate. They don’t even necessarily want to become citizens. They want to make some money and either move back to their home country or send money back to their home country,” Price said.

Fourteen percent of the population is now foreign born, and the Pew Research Center says 48% of Latinos feel comfortable with that number, which is a different story from 2002, when 49% of Latinos thought there were too many immigrants here.


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