Childrens videos twisted into pedophilic content on YouTube

YouTube said last Thursday it has taken aggressive action after Matt Watson, a video creator, accused the platform of aiding pedophiles in finding clips of young girls.

Elijah Rising, which works to end sex trafficking through prayer, awareness, intervention and restoration, sent out the warning last week.

Elijah Rising's Mobilization Director Sam Hernandez said there's a huge influx in demand for child pornography—that was perfectly innocent, like children doing gymnastics or yoga.

"YouTube has algorithms that connect people with like content that they've been looking at before. It's been suggesting tons of video like this," said Hernandez.

She added pedophiles search for completely innocent videos of children and comment with a time stamp to alert where others can find the exploitative scene.

"It also will show if certain videos that have a certain type of comment, will sometimes link those together, so that you're continuously watching things that you have interest in, and this keeps them being able to fill advertisement, as well," said Hernandez.

She said there's a huge demand to sexualize children. Pornography has been sexualizing women for decades to dress as younger, like cheerleaders and even dressed as babies. They constantly see people looking for younger and younger children to rape.

"It's sad that pornography has normalized aggressive and hyper sexualize culture especially towards women and children," said Hernandez.

She added this all connected to content children are watching on their electronic devices.

Pierre Grosdidier, of Counsel at Haynes and Boone, LLP in Houston and an expert in technology law, thinks Watson did the right thing. There are several reporting laws in Texas for child abuse and child pornography. For example, Texas Penal Code § 43.27(b) requires “business[es] that develops or processes visual material” to report obscene material, such as child pornography, to authorities. A business that produces YouTube videos might well qualify as one that “processes visual material.” The bar is low: the business must merely “determine that the material may be evidence of a criminal offense.” Computer technicians must also immediately report images that are or appear to be child pornography, per Texas Business and Commerce Code § 110.002(a).

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