AUDIO (5:07) -- Will new bill ease your toll burden?

None of us like paying tolls even though we all do it, and we know they are necessary. There is a bill in the pipeline that could ease our burden down the road.

Supporters are calling it the Toll Payer Protection Act, which was filed in Austin this week. David White with Texans for Traffic Relief tells KTRH the bill, if passed, would help you on multiple fronts.

“It’s a way to improve infrastructure, alleviate congestion and protect the interest of taxpayers,” White said.

It would call for voter approval of new toll projects, and set a timeline for taking tolls off when roads are paid for. But, Terri Hall with Texans for Toll Free Highways says it actually allows the extension of tolls in ten year increments.

“It’s a slap in the face to the taxpayers to say that this would do anything to remove tolls or reduce this burden that has now been unleashed on taxpayers for far too long,” Hall explained.

White says the intent is to create cost certainty, and that TxDOT needs to plan better for once the roads are paid for.



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