Police investigate protestor's damage at the Border Patrol Museum

Due to the investigation of the vandalism caused by the protesters, the nation's only Border Patrol Museum near El Paso will be closed this week.

Fort Bliss military police are investigating the damage left behind by protesters.

Dozens of "Tornillo: The Occupation" demonstrators live streamed rallying at the museum and defacing artifacts over the weekend.

Protestors barged the museum and damaged property before leaving.

"Border patrol agents are complicit in the violence and genocide of these migrant youth and families," bullhorned out of state protester Elizabeth Vega. "A lot of these border patrol agents are murderers. They have murdered families. They have murdered youth."

Museum director David Ham said insurance adjusters need to estimate the damage.

Inside the nation’s only Border Patrol Museum, near El Paso, there’s a Memorial Room that has pictures of the 127 fallen Border Patrol Agents.

Protesters placed 20 stickers in that room, including six on the wall covering up the agents’ faces.

“It’s going to be a task. We’ll probably get a remediation company to come out and do that because of the sensitivity of damaging not only the Plexiglas, but the exhibit’s walls would take the paint off,” said Ham.

The protesters put 110 stickers, that have more adhesive than regular stickers, up around the museum—including vintage border patrol vehicles.

The museum is a nonprofit, apolitical located in a remote location on federal land.

Museum officials told the group to leave because they were scaring museum guests and staff.

Ham says their visitors were kept safe in the back of the gift shop and hid until police arrived on the scene.

"Our staff is not used to this and they were kind of shook up. You know, when you have 30, or 40, or 50 people coming in with masks on, it's kind of upsetting to them," said Ham.

He said because the museum is on federal land, police could present evidence to the FBI for the possibility for prosecution.

You can help donate for repair costs here.

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