POLL: We're gradually giving up every bit of our privacy for convenience

Amazon is taking smart homes and connectivity a step further with a mesh Wi-Fi to improves dead spots, and a microwave, a clock and a smart plug-in that connects to Alexa.

Privacy attorney Shawn Tuma said limit how much access these devices have.

"I'm not comfortable with having an Alexa in any where other than a public area of the home. Because you do have recognize that it is recording data and it is picking up this information about you," said Tuma.

He said going forward these devices are going to play an integral role in our lives.

"We can't forget that we have these things in our home. We can't forget that Amazon, just like Facebook and Google and all these other tech companies, their goal is to acquire your data," said Tuma.

He said we take the convenience with the risk. The only way to take every precaution is to not have any of these devices in the home.

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