Limbaugh’s voice as powerful as ever

He’s the big voice on the right. KTRH’s Rush Limbaugh has millions of listeners across the country. And you can count the President as being one of his fans.

“He goes for three hours, and he’s got an audience that’s fantastic,” President Trump said during the news conference last week to declare a national emergency at the border.

Limbaugh has been on nationally for thirty years. The left says he influences politicians. But on Fox News Sunday Rush denied that.

“If these people in the media really thought I was telling Trump what to do and then, they’d be calling me. I haven’t had one call,” Rush said.

Curtis Houck at Newsbusters told KTRH Rush understands you, and lawmakers realize that.

“He continues to prove how he knows his audience. He knows his audience so well. He’s in touch with his audience,” Houck explained.

Houck admits that voices like Rush and Hannity are outnumbered in the mainstream media.

“There’s umpteen number of outlets on the left, and what Fox News does is give conservatives a voice,” Houck explained.

You can listen to Rush weekdays from 11-2 here on KTRH.


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