High Tech Grocery Shopping

Buying groceries becomes more high tech every day. A phone app has been created in Switzerland that allows you to walk into a grocery store, select from categories like "allergic to peanuts” or “low carb diet." Then you cruise the aisles and your phone notifies you what close-by products meet your criteria.Bill Bishop of Brick Meets Click says once it's available, product vendors will jump on it.And grocery stores will love it, too. ‘It’s more a response on the part of people advocating for the grocery store to make the store experience a better, more productive experience.”And it's just easier than picking up every box or can and reading those tiny print labels.

Speaking of high tech and grocery purchasing --- so many of you are shopping online that it seems that soon we'll only have warehouses that deliver products to our door. Bishop says only 30% of us shop and line and grocery shopping is still a strong part of the American life. “Changing the way people grocery shop is not going to happen quickly. We’re creatures of habit and like our particular stores – even if we also shop online.”

Back to the Swiss shopping app --- just can't wait till it comes to America.

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