Green New Deal supporters might be in for stick shock

Progressives are all for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green News Deal. But, before you sign on to it, you might want to check with a town in Texas that tried it, with some expensive results.

In Georgetown, Texas, the Republican Mayor enacted green energy policies, and Chuck DeVore with the Texas Public Policy Foundation told Fox News it cost the city thirty million dollars.

“You have elected officials making decisions that caused the people to pay for it,” DeVore said.

Marc Morano with The Climate Depot tells KTRH Georgetown residents, who now have higher energy bills to the tune of an extra $13 a month, got sold a bill of goods.

“There’s no one telling you that the weather will be better or that polar bears will benefit,” Morano stated.

But the left wants more of these policies, and Morano says they have a plan to get them passed.

“Avoid specifics, and have implementation much later on down the road,” Morano explained, adding that the implementation would not take place until after the lawmaker was out of office.


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