Do YOU Work in a Toxic Workplace?!?

All it takes is one person to turn a healthy office into a toxic one.If you are making your living in a toxic workplace, that's no good for you or your company. Houston's Brandi Clark, Regional Vice President of Robert Half, says there are a few types of co-workers who make things toxic.

1. The Competitive person sitting next to you who wants to show everyone how much better his work is to yours.

2.The Office Bully who makes everyone’s day worse with what she says to others. Hint: could be some low self-esteem there.

3. The Pessimist who puts down every move your team makes and proclaims the project will fail.

4. The Volcano who erupts in serious drama and grossly over plays every part of her life.

5. The Narcissist who belittles you to make himself look better.

6. The Slacker who does the very least possible to get her work done and is ready to leave an hour before the end of the day.

Do you have co-workers like that?

Are YOU like that?

Clark advises you to try to NOT get involved in office drama or their behavior and get your job done.Work on your own behavior and get your own job done.

Tattling to management should be your last resort!

Toxic Workplace Bully


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