Mainstream Media unfairness called out again

You would think after being called out by multiple watchdog groups that the mainstream media would finally start treating President Trump fairly. That’s what you’d think. But you’d be wrong.

According to the Media Research Center, since 2017, nightly network newscasts have dedicated over 2,200 minutes of airtime to the Russia scandal. They also gave the report from the Senate Intelligence Community finding no collusion with Russia exactly zero minutes of airtime. They almost completely ignored it. Political analyst Kathleen McKinley says they already have their excuse ready to go.

“What they would say is that the actual final report has not been put into the public record yet,” McKinley stated.

And she says she was hoping the media would have changed by now after all the times they've been called out.

“You’d think they would be thinking about that more; that they’d have to be more unprofessional or unbiased,” McKinley explained.

But, she says they are being driven by their hatred for President Trump.


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