Dems Keep Rep. Scalise from Testifying Against Gun Control

House Democrats pushing for universal background checks refused to allow Louisiana Republican Steve Scalise to testify about his own experience being shot.

Scalise was shot during a congressional baseball practice nearly two years ago, and says Democrats denied him an opportunity to speak at last week's hearing on gun control legislation.

“They ought to be focusing on punishing the criminals, not trying taking away the rights of law abiding citizens,” Scalise told Fox News. “It was people with guns who saved my life and so many others that morning in June of 2017.”

Scalise submitted written testimony where he argued background checks would not have prevented any recent mass shootings, nor would it have halted the gunman who shot him.

Second Amendment advocates says it's why Dems denied Scalise from testifying against universal background checks.

“What it will create is a master list of all the guns and who owns them. Funny thing is gun confiscation requires a master list of all the guns and who owns them,” says David Amad with Open Carry Texas.

Amad says Democrats are pushing Second Amendment advocates into a corner, forcing them to fight their way out.

“They want English and Australian-style gun confiscation,” he says. “And I will say this publicly and proudly, they're never going to get it. If we have to fight them in the streets to keep them from doing it, we will.”

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