Are Democrats conducting a high school election?

If you look at how the Democratic field for 2020 is shaping up, you would not be wrong if you thought this looked like a high school election.

You've got Cory Booker talking about his diet. There’s Elizabeth Warren claiming Native American Heritage. You have the Green New Deal. And then there is Kamala Harris joking about smoking weed.

“I have, and I did inhale,” Harris joked during a radio interview last week. “It was a long time ago.”

Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party Movement and told KTRH this new Democratic Party is appealing to a limited portion of the voting public.

“It has moved so far to the left that it has ceased having relevance to large segments of the country,” Johns said.

And he says that opens the door for President Trump to keep moderates and independents on his side.

“He’s done a good job in not alienating the moderate, mainstream Democrat voter or independent voter that was part of the success of the 2016 election,” Johns explained, adding that because he hasn’t alienated those voters he should be able to count on them in 2020 against a radical Democratic candidate.


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