Weak El Niño could mean a stronger hurricane season this year?

NOAA has declared that this is a weak El Niño season, which could mean the rest of winter up to spring is wetter.

Space City Weather editor Eric Berger said El Niño means that waters in the equatorial Pacific are a bit warmer than normal.

"El Niño is going to persist probably for at least the next few months. For Texas, typically in the winter and spring, this means a bit more active storm patterns," said Berger.

El Niño could create a wide range of weather activity around the world.

He said, locally, he expects the wet winter to continue through the Spring.

"Obviously that raises some concerns because we tend to get some of our heavier rainfall events in the spring, and thunderstorms," said Berger.

He said El Niño will dissipate for the summer...which isn't beneficial for hurricane season. He said a strong El Niño typically produces fewer hurricanes in the Altantic and Gulf of Mexico because of an increase in wind shears and therefore decreases other activity.

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