AUDIO (6:12) - Local Congressman not a fan of border compromise

Congress is supposed to vote on the compromise border security funding deal reached by members of both parties earlier this week. Some Republicans are not liking what they are seeing.

The deal, which was announced earlier this week, would give President Trump $1.4 Billion for the wall. Earlier this morning on Houston’s Morning News, Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady told Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer that from what he has seen of the deal, he is not a fan.

“It’s just not enough. We need dramatically more barrier fencing where it makes sense, especially in the Rio Grande. We need technology barriers where it makes sense. We do need more border agents,” Brady explained.

So will he vote on it if the vote were held now?

“I’m leaning no unless I see something in there, and there may be, but unless I see something stronger than this,” Brady said.

The vote is supposed to take place tonight. President Trump had been looking for $5.7 Billion for the wall.

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