AUDIO (4:20) - Do we set ourselves up for online harassment?

If you have experience harassment online, you have plenty of company. There’s a lot of it going around. And some of it could be self-inflicted.

New numbers show 53% were harassed online last year alone, saying they were subjected to things like hateful speech. While some of this is obviously not deserved, are we doing this to ourselves by putting everything you do out there on social media for everyone to see? Therapist Julie Nise told us the answer is yes.

“People are just posting diarrhea. Maybe 10% might be interesting to somebody other than your immediate family and friends,” Nise said.

She would suggest self-editing yourself when you go online, but she also says that's probably not going to happen.

“The concept of self-editing is gone with the wind. If it weren’t people wouldn’t be posting all the nonsense they post,” Nise stated, adding that by not self-editing, you are setting yourself up to be harassed online in this day and age.



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