POLL: Men Go All Out for Valentines

It’s the day of love, so open your wallets, men. It’s going to cost you.

According to the National Retail Federation, people are forking over $20.7 billion this Valentine’s Day, collectively, the average individual expecting to pay $267. Really?!?

Men will pay the largest share of that, and then, according to some research, pout about not getting enough in return.

A Bankrate survey uncovered an average of $339 for the budget of a typical male, while women will dish out about $64. Men report in the survey they expect their female companion to spend about $211. That’s going to leave some hurt feelings. Men seem to get the short end of the stick for Valentine's Day.

Millennials are expected to spend the most, while 27% of Boomers say they aren’t expecting anything from their partner and 30% of Gen Xers concurring.

If you want to be on your mate’s good side, Groupon took a survey of people’s favorite Valentine’s Day gifts:

1.) A romantic dinner

2.) Chocolate

3.) Flowers

4.) A Massage

5.) A Home Cooked Meal

Their survey confirmed that men have higher expectations of receiving satisfaction from their partner, more than half saying they expect maximum effort to be demonstrated from their better half, while only 36% of women say they expect the same amount of effort.



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