POLL: Texas Republicans: Use Rainy Day Fund to Build Border Wall

Texas is already sending DPS troopers to the southern border, now some state lawmakers suggest bypassing Congress and building a wall ourselves.

Members of the Texas Freedom Caucus say if Washington won't fund a border wall, $2.5 billion from Texas' rainy day fund should do it.

“Federal government and Congress have failed to act, to take any action, so I believe it's incumbent upon Texas to defend our own citizens and to defend and protect our own border, not just for the safety of Texans, but the safety for the United States,” says state Rep. Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park.

“I think sometimes other states are looking for a leader, so why not allow Texas to step forward and take the lead? And hopefully we can encourage Congress to do the right thing.”

At least one notable Democrat says the proposal does not have enough votes to make it out of committee.

“People see that even Texans are willing to step up and so if we have to take the lead to embarrass Congress to show they're not doing their duty, well, Texas will do it itself,” says Cain.

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