Texas Fastest Growing Occupations

We're living longer than before and we're having children later than before, so medical and eldercare occupations are currently hot.Engineering is still important, according to Heather Wright of Meador Staffing in the Houston area.

“We’re seeing engineering in Manufacturing and lots of Infrastructure roles are being called on for the new industrial centers coming in on the North Side.” She sees an engineering and IT decline, however in the Aerospace Industry.She sees fewer and fewer requests for administrative jobs as software packages are able to facilitate a lot of what those positions accomplished.

Because Ms. Wright sees Oil and Gas businesses are still strong, she says she was surprised as you probably will be to see that Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the Renewable Energy Industry has a big influence on Texas employment.She was surprised at the Number One State’s Fasting Growing Job is Wind Turbine Technician!

Texas Ten Fastest Growing Occupations

10. Operations research analysts

9. Physical therapist assistants

8. Personal CareAides

7 .Home health aides

6. Nurse Practitioners

5. Statisticians

4. Physicians assistant

3. Genetic counselors

2. Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists

1.Wind turbine service technician


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