Migrant Caravan Parked Across Texas Border

The latest in a series of caravans of mostly Central American migrants making their way through Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. has reached the Texas border, where it is stalled for now. The caravan of about 1,600 mostly Hondurans left weeks ago for the journey northward. However, unlike other caravans that went west to Tijuana to try and cross into California, this one has settled just across the border from the port of entry in Eagle Pass, Texas.

For now, the migrants are being held in a former warehouse on the Mexican side of the border, with Mexican law enforcement standing guard. They are being processed through the Eagle Pass port of entry at a rate of about 20 per day. In the meantime, security has been beefed up on the U.S. side of the border in the Eagle Pass sector, especially along the Rio Grande. An additional 250 U.S. troops recently arrived there, and Gov. Greg Abbott has sent Texas DPS personnel to back up border patrol with planes and boats.

The border patrol has also fortified its presence along the Rio Grande to deter any of the migrants from trying to cross into the U.S. illegally. "It is treacherous, it is dangerous, so if I could say one thing to any of these migrants, please cross legally through the ports of entry if you are attempting to claim credible fear," says Louie Collins, Eagle Pass Border Patrol Division Chief. "Just as a reminder, the U.S. Border Patrol will arrest anyone who comes across the Rio Grande River, the international border line, into the United States."


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