New Social Media Challenge Causing a Panic with Parents and Police

Bird Cage Challenge , Condom Up the Nose Challenge , the Cinnamon Challenge . Now it's the 48 Hours Missing Challenge! Social Media pranks have always been hazardous - but 48 Hours Missing is the most dangerous so far, and kids are captivated by it. Licensed Therapist Shannon Thornton of Chrysalis Counseling says, "The kids just aren’t thinking. There’s more about making themselves have 30 seconds of fame and not the ramifications of doing these crazy things!"

She says if your teens know someone about to try this, tell them to use some age-old logic on their friend. “You mother would kill you. Your mother would kill me if she knew I let you do that!” As adults we know how dangerous this is, so why are kids so enthralled with it? Thornton answers, “Their brains are just not developed yet. Their reasoning is not where it needs to be! It’s more about how many likes they’re gonna get.”

Thornton urges you to talk to your teen about this...and suggests you open a conversation by asking them what they think about these challenges. Then lead them to draw the proper conclusions.

Anyway, there's probably another challenge on the horizon.


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