MISSING: 25YO North Texas Woman Hasn't Been Seen in 13 Days

Brenda Lizbeth Montanez, 25, hasn't been seen or heard from in 13 days. She disappeared on January 27th after a party in Addison, Texas. There's no active search for her at this time.

Folks who know her say it's out of character for her to just disappear and for no one to know her wherabouts.

Her family said she attended a party and left around midnight. Then she drove to where her on and off again boyfriend has a lake house in Log Cabin, Texas, near Cedar Creek Lake, .

Still no trace of her.

Somewhere along the way, is the last place her phone was traced.

Since there's no active search for Montanez, the woman's family hired private detective Danny Gomez to help them find her.

Private detective Gomez said "the longer she is missing, the worst the outcome might be.”

They have put flyers up at gas stations from Dallas-Fort Worth to Log Cabin, Texas. They hoping someone will come forward with information that will help find Montanez.

Her family adds that she had taken law enforcement classes in college and she's close with her family.

"My mom is waiting for her and we just want her to come back home," Montanez said.

She's now on a national Missing Persons database, interviewed the boyfriend and friends. Yet, still no trace of her.

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