Houston Mayoral Race Focused on Flooding, Trash, Finances

Businessman Bill King has officially entered the race for Houston mayor, having lost to Sylvester Turner four years ago by less than 5,000 votes.

Both King and fellow challenger Tony Buzbee have openly criticized Turner on several issues.

“What people remember now are things like Hurricane Harvey. They remember they're garbage and recycling aren't being picked up, and they're hearing about sweetheart deals. Those are going to be nagging problems,” says Dr. Robert Stein , political science professor at Rice University.

“One of the reasons this campaign is starting a little earlier than I would had expected is simply because the candidates want to take advantage of what are uncertainties in city finances and policy.”

He says the voter-approved pay parity for firefighters could have a trickle-down effect on Election Day.

“Some of these council races, particularly the members who oppose Proposition B and supported the mayor, become the object of much more intense campaigns, and that will start driving up votes across the board.”

Stein says Councilman Dwight Boykins also is rumored to possibly challenge Mayor Turner.

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