Have the Time of Your Life!


It's time to have the Time Of Your Life this Valentine's Day . In a real theater in a comfortable seat with popcorn and junior mints . In the Houston area just two days, you can either fall in love with Dirty Dancing over again or see it for the first time. It's a classic 80s romance (that takes place in 1963) is returning to the big screen for just two days only --- February 10th and 13th.

You'll see Baby bloom from a nerdy high school senior to a glamorous sexy ballroom dancer. You'll see Johnny be young, healthy and sexy.

Stars Jennifer Gray and Houston native Patrick Swayze are fun to watch, the music is fun to sing along to, and your memories of a first love with be fun to hold.

Look up your local theaters to see where it is near you.

You'll feel that you have Never Felt This Way Before .

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