You Have Two Minutes to Read This

Otherwise you’ll be late. An estimated 15 to 20% of people tend to never be on time for anything, and a Washington University study may be explain why. Time-Based Prospective Memory is what they call people whose internal body clock – not to be confused with circadian rhythm – doesn’t keep good time. Some people, when told they have a five minute time limit to complete a task, can regulate their behavior to finish on time. Some people get lost in the process. Those are the ones who tend to be late.

Age is a factor. Millennials tend to report to work late with more frequency than people 50 or older.

Multi-taskers are more inclined to tardiness because of an inability to focus on one thing, like getting out the door on time.

If you find you’re having to make excuses for not arriving on time too often, there are a couple tips experts offer.

1.) Always add an extra five minutes on the time you allow for a trip.

2.) Have a clock clearly visible in your house as you’re preparing to leave.

3.) Become a master of waiting. Get everywhere early, and wait when you get there. It’s a great time to check email, Facebook, surf the web.


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