New legislation would honor more special military who have died

Congressman Dan Crenshaw joined other representatives to introduce the Full Military Honors Act -which is legislation that provides a full military honors ceremony for Prisoners Of War and Medal of Honor recipients at Arlington National Cemetery. Currently, full military honors are reserved for senior officers, noncommissioned officers, and service members killed in combat.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw uses the term "valor knows no rank".

Mark Stephensen with The National League of POW-MIA Families said this would be a suitable and well-deserved tribute.

"Showing them full military honors at their burial is the ultimate closure to the family is that what he or she died for had strong meaning. They went above and beyond duty to do that," said Stephensen.

He said when a man or woman is captured as a prisoner of war, it doesn't change their effort. They went from fighting with thousands by their side, to just them against the enemy.

Being buried in the national cemetery reunites them with their brethren.

Stephensen said as a family member of a POW, he would deeply appreciate the recognition.

"The valor that goes with that elevates their effort to the stature that would be afforded full military honors," said Stephensen.

He said this shows the fullest respect a nation can offer.

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