AUDIO: Baby Found Asleep Next to Father Shot In Head

Police are searching for the person or persons responsible for a shooting that leave a young man dead and a child, without a father due to the crime.

The victim, a young man, was found shot to death in northwest Harris County.

It happened just after 12:30 a.m. Friday morning, in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 11200 block of Veterans Memorial Drive

That's where the body of a young man was discovered inside a car. He was dead on scene with a gun shot wound to the head. Deputies believe he may have been in his 20s. His identity has not been released.

Inside the vehicle, deputies also was a young child, asleep and uninjured beside the body of that young man. Investigators believe the victim is the child's father but have no leads about a gunman. They're asking for the public's help for any witnesses who may have seen or heard anything.

One only new details they have at this point is one person who heard the gunshot. However, no eye witnesses.

Police Chief Acevedo took his concerns about gun violence to Congress this week. Hear his official statement below.

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