Anti-Gun Lobby Targets Texas Gun Laws

While Texas Republicans look to carry out the governor's school safety measures with new gun laws, Democrats in Austin are trying to roll back what's already on the books.

There are at least a half-dozen pieces of legislation introduced this session that would restrict gun rights in Texas, many of the bills filed by Dallas Democrat Rafael Anchia .

“I don't know who is electing him, but he is straight out of the anti-gun mold. He wants to repeal the Castle Doctrine . He wants to put more restrictions on license-to-carry holders,” says T. Edwin Walker, an attorney with Texas Law Shield .

Much of the anti-gun push is coming from groups such as Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action, along withTexas Gun Sense.

“The anti-gun folks have a long-range plan where they're going to file a bunch of bills this session to see if they can get a hearing, and then they'll file the same bills in the 2021 legislative session with hopes that enough of Texas and 'turned blue.'”

Walker says Second Amendment advocates are needed now more than ever in Austin.

“I hope people don't wake up and its too late, because it is a lot easier to keep a law from getting passed than it is to reverse that law once it does get passed,” he says.

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