Pasadena is a lucrative spot for Airbnb

Using data from short-term rental analytics database AirDNA, Digital Third Coast ranked the best cities to invest in property to rent out through Airbnb .

Pasadena, Texas one of the best in the nation for return on investment as an Airbnb host.

Digital Third Coast researcher Collin Czarnecki said when it comes to cities with 150,000 people or you didn't think Pasadena would rank up there with Orlando, Miami or Las Vegas.

"In terms of profit and return on investment, anywhere from several thousand dollars a year, upwards to 20 or 30 thousand, depending on your location, what you're going to charge for your average daily rate," said Czarnecki.

He said guests are looking for more affordable stay than hotels near the airport.

"Obviously, a Houston airport, a huge hub, a lot of people coming in potentially staying short stays and Airbnb's a really great alternative to a hotel," said Czarnecki.

According to the analysis, Pasadena properties has a potential profit of more than $29k a year.


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