Apple Watches for High School Cheaters

If your high school student asks for an Apple Watch for their birthday, it may not for fitness tracking.In classrooms that ban cell phones during test taking, the Apple Watch can suffice for cheating purposes! David Dillard, President of KD College Prep says, “Educational environments are having to scrutinize this --- and it’s not the Apple watch. It’s all technology!”

Dillard says cheating is nothing new...but it is getting more common and evolves along with technology.“We have worked with over 60,000 families over the last 25 years. We have seen a wide range of cheating devices and schemes. We could create a reality TV show with all the hijinks we see out there!”

“Apple watches are not the real problem here. The real problem is the lack of integrity and character.”Dillard says it's a bad reflection on school age kids who are growing up with fewer boundaries every day. That's something that will stay with you a lot longer than the Pythagorean Theorem!


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