Where Are You Lonelier? City, Small Town, Country

Social isolation and loneliness is a growing threat to public health in the U.S. If we define loneliness as "how often a person feels left out, isolated and without companionship," would you be lonelier in a city, a small town or in the country where the cows outnumber the people?A University of Minnesota study says rural residents are at greater risk just because of physical isolation.

Licensed Professional Counselor Leigh Richardson isn't sure she agrees.“You know people in the big city sure can get as isolated as those in the country.”Richardson feels loneliness can be conquered by getting involved with life. “Try to connect with people in a volunteer situation. It’s far less judgmental. Trying to connect with people at your job could get a little judgmental there. Putting some helpful energy out there to other people will also may YOU feel less lonely.”

Isolation, no matter where you live, is dangerous. We all need a network of people who can help us in bad times and rejoice with us in good times.Isolation is a threat to your health, so become a joiner...There is a gym, church or interest group that will welcome you.


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