What do You Mean --- Leave Facebook?!?!?

Deactivate Facebook ?!?!?

Billions of Facebook fans say it's how they “ socialize.” Psychologist Dr. John Huber explains, “When somebody “LIKES” a picture or video you post on Facebook, you get a little bit of dopamine gets released in your brain --- and all of a sudden you get a good feeling!” He says it can also lead to depression and resentment when you constantly see the filtered happiness of other people's lives. Huber himself temporarily deactivated from the platform.I went away from Facebook for two whole months. So when I went back, it’s just there!I’m not invested in it so much – which is a good thing!”

Huber says when we get that "like" or "wow" or “laugh” on a post- it's nice, but not as fulfilling as getting a hug or a pat on the back in person. We get even more dopamine in our brain. Huber has a great way of enlightening us:“So, it’s like drinking a diet soda.It takes sweet and it fills you up, but you get no nutrition at all.And it that’s all you ingested – you would be completely malnourished.”

So shake a hand, have lunch with a friend, call your mother. You’ll see your spirits rise and dependency on Facebook and other social media fade.


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