Texas GOP Warns Trump May Lose State in 2020

The Republican Party of Texas is warning members not to let their guard down before the 2020 elections.

Following two congressional losses and a tight senate race last November, Texas GOP Chair James Dickey says there's no guarantee President Trump will win the Lone Star State in 2020.

“We have to earn votes and that’s going to take effort, we can’t take anything for granted,” he says.“That kind of healthy respect and healthy fear is an appropriate thing.”

“A couple million dollars spent now will be much more effective than $20-30 million thrown at TV next October. Next October it will be too late.”

Dickey urges Republicans statewide to stay active, don't let Texas become a swing state.

“The Democratic National Congressional Committee has already announced that six Republican congressional seats in Texas are their top targets in the country right now, and there’s good reason for that,” he says. “Those six seats, we only won by less than three percent.”

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