POLL: BREAKING! Some reporters are tweeting fools

The main stream media has embraced twitter to their own detriment.

Instead of waiting until the newscast, reporters are tweeting at the drop of a hat, sometimes, haphazardly.

Lindita Camaj, an associate professor in the Valenti School of Communication at University of Houston , said Twitter makes journalists work harder to produce new information non-stop.

"Now your job it's not to be a reporter (on a) regimented time schedule. There's no schedule. You need to work as a reporter 24/7 to keep up with the audiences, keep the information flowing, so it's really very stressful," said Camaj.

On the other side, Twitter accelerates the news cycle and gives journalists more time to make mistakes while racing against other news outlets, as well as civilians.

Camaj said Twitter gives reporters the power for the public to see or hear their stories, which traditionally has been the editor's job.

"Twitter has in some ways revolutionized the way that news is produced, and the newsrooms behave, and journalists behave as well," said Camaj.

She added Twitter is a double-edged sword because it's used as a tool to spread propaganda and fake news, yet can empower reporters to find sources, or learn things from the news makers, like President Trump.



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