The death of Carol Channing seems unreal to me….that she was 97, even more unreal. In my mind, she was perpetually young…perpetually that Dolly we said “HELLO” to…on Broadway, and sometimes in person.

She was a frequent visitor to Houston btw….a good friend of the late Maxine Mesinger of Houston Chronicle fame. I was so happy to be included in dinner parties…one I remember very well was at the legendary Tony’s, 5 star Houston restaurant.

Seated next to Carol Channing, I got the full benefit of her big smile, bigger laugh…and very Spartan eating regimen. She only drank sparkling mineral water and ordered a salad as her entire dinner….and then reached into an expansive travel bag….and gave Tony her private, organic lettuce to make it! Travelling with lettuce. It has a way of sticking in my mind.

She certainly was a pistol. I need to go dig out that photo of us……

Tod (Channing's husband), Shara Fryer, and Carol Channing


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