HOW MUCH?! 18-foot Micro LED TV Unveiled at CES

Samsung Shows Off 219-Inch TV At CES(Las Vegas, NV)  --  One of the biggest things at this year's CES technology show in Las Vegas is a TV.  Samsung showed off its 219-inch TV yesterday.  That's more than 18 feet of TV screen, measured diagonally.  

If that's too much TV, the South Korean tech giant is coming out with something more subtle, a 75-inch modular TV.  You can buy several and snap them together to make a bigger screen.  The Sony, TCL, and Hi-sense displays at CES also have TVs that are 75 inches and bigger.

There has been no word on if either display will be for sale nor the price point, but there are some models around 84-inch for almost $12K. 

Just the other day, we told you about how overexposure to LED will eventually make people legally blind. 

Either way, what would you watch first on a TV this size?

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