Florida Surgeon Fined $3,000 After Mistakenly Removing Woman's Kidney



The Florida Board of Medicine has fined a surgeon $3,000 for removing a woman's kidney without her consent. Maureen Pacheco went to Wellington Regional Medical Center for back surgery in 2016 but during the surgery, Ramon Vazquez found what he believed to be a tumor near her pelvis and decided to remove it. Vazquez was incorrect in his on-the-spot diagnosis and learned that he mistakenly removed her completely healthy and functioning kidney.  

The woman's kidney never ascended into her abdomen, something Vazquez would have known if he reviewed her medical records.

In addition to the $3,000 fine, Vazquez will be required to give a one-hour presentation to staff at the hospital about wrong-site surgery, complete three hours of medical education, and pay an additional $4,817.90 in court costs.

Pacheco sued the two primary doctors and Vazquez for malpractice. The two other doctors settled for $250,000 each, while the terms of Vazquez's settlement is unknown. 

Photo: Getty Images