POLL: PETA Calls For End Of Live Mascots - Should It Change?

Norfolk, VA)  --  The animal rights group People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals is calling on universities to end the use of live animal mascots after two animals clashed before the Sugar Bowl.  Georgia and Texas faced off in the Sugar Bowl Tuesday night.  

Before the game, the teams' mascots were brought out into the stadium, and the Texas mascot, a massive longhorn steer named Bevo, didn't like the Georgia bulldog being so close to him and charged at him.  Bevo's handlers were able to get the steer under control but PETA is using the incident to renew its call to drop the use of live mascots.  

PETA said on its website Wednesday that the bulldog, and nearby humans, could easily have been killed in the incident.  PETA says sporting events are confusing and frightening to live animal mascots.



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