POLL: Time for that Biannual Trip to Church

Churches will be adding extra parking and additional services to accommodate so-called "Chreasters" - those worshippers who only visit their parish at Christmas and Easter.

Ron with Plano-based Truth Advertising counsels at the Pastor Resource Center encourages clergy members to get those 'chreasters' back in the pews the other 50 weeks of the year by giving them specific instructions:

"One, capture their attention.  Two, engage them on their level.  Three, educate them about your church. Four, tell them what you want them to do; that's called a 'call to action.'"

He says churches need to make sure they reach out and make a connection...

"Get their information:  Every church should have simple connection cards that allow guests to provide their contact information along with space to list their prayer needs."

Only 42% of Christian Houstonians go to church every week.

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