There are a lot of last second shoppers out there

If you still have Christmas shopping to do this weekend, don’t worry. You aren’t along. In fact, you are far from being alone when it comes to that.

And as Super Saturday approaches tomorrow, shopping expert Trae Bodge with says if you have to go to the mall, you will find wall to wall people as desperate as you are.

“This happens every year. Ninety percent of people according to the National Retail Federation waited to the last second. I was not surprised,” Bodge explained.

She says we are just overwhelmed, so that's why we wind up waiting until the last minute. That's the bad news. The good news is that there are still plenty of deals to be had.

“You will see lots of great deals. Target is having their biggest toy sale right now. It’s a great time to buy toys if you have kids on your list,” Bodge said.

The National Retail Federation says 90% of you that still had shopping to do after Cyber Monday purposely waited until the last minute for great deals. And that 5% of shoppers will wind up not getting gifts in time for Christmas.

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