POLL: Are we raising a generation of liars?

We are all on social media. Our kids are, too (and probably trying to avoid us). Maybe that’s because they’re doing something we wouldn’t approve of if we caught them doing it.

They are trying to project a perfect image of themselves according to experts, and one headmistress in Britain says our kids are turning into a generation of liars. Kami Huyse at Zoetica Media tells KTRH this is something parents should be proactive about.

“We have to give some instruction to them as to how to use this to their advantage in a way that isn’t dishonest,” Huyse said.

But, maybe our kids are doing this because they see us as adults doing the same thing, and telling them not to copy what they see could backfire on us.

“As the mom of three kids, I know they have eagle eyes and they call you out on all of it. We don’t give kids the credit they deserve. They do see the hypocrisy going on,” Huyse explained.

Huyse also says kids are doing this because of peer pressure; that in 2018 an embarrassing moment can turn into a meme online.

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