Tax law changes go into effect

This will be the first tax season where President Trump's 2017 tax law changes come into play. Experts say if you have deductions, talk to a pro.

CPA Lydia Desnoyers says getting some advice will help you avoid an ugly surprise in April.

"The most important thing is to speak with a tax preparer; a tax professional. With the tax law that went into effect late last year, this tax season is going to be where we see the true impact."

If you have deductions, Desnoyers suggests you make a charitable donation to reduce your taxable income -- and make 'em soon.

"You're probably going to give anyway so why not take advantage of some tax savings and if you plan on making any contributions early next year try to accelerate those to do before December 31st, so you can get some credit for it on this year's tax return."

But Desnoyers emphasizes her most important recommendation is to not go it alone -- consult with a tax professional.

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