Missing Vietnam Veteran FOUND: Community Responds

HOUSTON, December , 2018 – A Vietnam Veteran, reportedly suffering from dementia, was found in Jasper, Texas yesterday.   

During the Monday morning broadcast of the Michael Berry Show in Houston, a caller identified only as “Kevin” told Berry on air fearing his friend Danny, a 72-year-old Vietnam veteran, was in grave danger and possibly suffering from hypothermia. “He called me this morning at 5:30 saying he didn’t know where he was,” Kevin said. “He suffers from dementia, he’s had several strokes, and he has seizures. I’m out on the highway now just trying to figure out where he’s at”. 

Berry put out the call to listeners and law enforcement to join the cause.  Updates came by calls and emails for the next several hours, as Berry kept the focus on this missing man.  “For those of you in law enforcement, if you don’t mind, just put out more calls, as you’ve been doing, to departments along those routes of I-45 and I-59”, he said.

By noon, the message came through.  “Danny” had been located.  He was in an East Texas emergency room, rattled, confused, and scared, but alive.  “Sadly, we’ve learned that he has a mass on his brain, and this is likely affecting his faculties,” Berry relayed.  According to Berry, he will likely be transported to a facility in Houston or Dallas to get more extensive care for the tumor. 

Out of respect for the veteran and his privacy, his details are not being released to the public at this time.  If that changes, we will provide an update. 

Contact: joshreno@iheartmedia.com

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