VIDEO: 'Sesame Street' Muppet becomes first to face homelessness

Sesame Street has been breaking ground for years and the show continues in that regard with the introduction of a homeless muppet.

In 2011, the children's television show introduced a character named Lily. The bright pink muppet was brought in to discuss the issue of national hunger. Now, that same character is being brought back to address the issue of homelessness.

Lily's story will now push her into the position of she and her family becoming homeless and being forced to stay with friends.

Sherrie Westin is the president of global impact and philanthropy for Sesame Workshop. “With any of our initiatives, our hope is that we’re not only reaching the children who can identify with that Muppet but that we’re also helping others to have greater empathy and understanding of the issue.”

Should the children watching Sesame Street be subjected to such a potentially heavy issue at such a young age?

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