The personal memories of those who knew or served or were befriended by George H. W. Bush could take a thousand days of telling. On Houston’s Morning News, we are hearing from as many as we can in this week of memorials.

Among them…..Ambassador Chase Untermeyer and wife Diana …. Houstonians who shared with us….their work in the White House and personal memories of 41.

Diana first met VP Bush at 16 when he joined a circle of folk singing Christmas carols.

Chase returned to Houston as a Harvard college student to campaign for Bush in his Congressional race of 1966….each would end up serving in the White House….where they met and married with George and Barbara’s approval…and attendance along with the entire Bush family at their wedding.

Their stories of admiration and love are here to be listened to….at KTRH.com.

Chase Untermeyer.

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