VIDEO/PODCAST: Ed Emmett OUT! Lina Hidalgo In ... Lina Who?

Ed Emmett, 69, a Republican known for local dependable leadership has held the position since 2007, pulling Houstonians through the toughest of times; most recently, Hurricane Harvey. 

From 1979 to 1987, Emmett represented east Harris County in the state House. In 1987, he served three years after being appointed by former President George H.W. Bush to the Interstate Commerce Commission. He was also president and CEO of trade organization, National Industrial Transportation League. 

He's headed up Homeland Security and Harris County Flood Control Districts, Harris County Hospital District, coverage, and has been heavily involved in management that occurs in Harris County across the board.

He was born in Overton, graduated from Bellaire High School, is married, has four children and 13 grandchildren. He's also a graduate of Rice University, class of 1971. He holds a degree in economics and a masters degree in public affairs from the University of Texas.

Now he is County Judge no longer, likely due to a straight ticket deficit that set him back with a loss of about 18,000 votes.

Emmett was defeated by newcomer Lina Hidalgo, a naturalized citizen, native of Columbia, raised in Peru and Mexico and emigrated to America in 2005. 

Most recently, she's served as an interpreter in the Texas Medical Center, supporting immigrants locally.

She's never even attended a Commissioner's Court meeting and is called a "sometimes Houston resident" by local media. 

She has a joint degree in law and public policy at NYU and Harvard. She also graduated from Stanford with a degree in political science.

Since college, she's never had the chance to hold a real job and now she's the youngest person to hold the job as Harris County Judge since Roy Hofeinz in 1936.

Here is more about her...

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